An invitation for the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) to attend a training course has been declined.  The Deputy Commandant, Regional Police Training Centre, Seawell, Christ Church, Barbados, wrote to the BPS:

The Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC) will be conducting a Crown Prosecutors’ Training Course from August 6th to September 6th, 2024. The training sessions are scheduled to be held on week days from 08:30hrs to 16:30hrs for the duration of the course.
This training is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to function as court prosecutors.
The target audience is mid-management level in law enforcement (Sergeants, Station Sergeants, Inspectors or equivalent in other agencies). Each participant should possess and demonstrate sound managerial skills; be effective in communication — (written and oral), and have the ability to analyse simple legal issues. A copy of the syllabus is attached for your reference – Syllabus 2024

The full invitation, which can be read here – Invitation Bermuda – was promptly responded to by the BPS:

From: COP Mail
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2024 5:17 PM
To: Deputy Commandant <>
Cc: COP Mail <>;; Waterman, Jerry <>
Subject: Re:

Thank you for the email.
The Bermuda Police Service no longer prosecutes cases in the courts, we use staff from the director of public prosecutions.

Kind regards,

Darrin Simons
Commissioner of Police
desk: 441.247.1419 | cell: 441.717.0871
main: 441.295.0011 ‘Making Bermuda Safer’

22/06/2024, we suggested the BPS reconsider, writing:

I am writing to address your recent response to the proposal submitted on 18 June 2024 at 17:13, attached

Despite the brevity of the four-minute response time, which may appear unduly hasty, I believe the proposal merits a thorough review due to its potential implications for procedural operations.

I suggest a re-evaluation of the exclusive reliance on Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) staff for some case presentations. I believe there is an important question to be addressed: is it necessary and justified to continue the current practice in every situation, or could the constabulary benefit from involving Bermuda Police Service (BPS) constables in the preliminary presentation of evidence in less complex matters?

Historically, it seems that the Bermuda Police Service has been reluctant to consider external offers of assistance or proposals for procedural review. This pattern of dismissing outside suggestions without adequate consideration overlooks valuable opportunities for procedural enhancement and efficiency.

Reflecting on my own experience, within a few weeks of joining a constabulary, I was assigned to the role of Court Presentation Officer. I was responsible for presenting a summary of evidence, as prepared by the arresting officer, before magistrates at initial hearings. While I did not fully appreciate this at the time, the on-the-job training and experience I received significantly enhanced my understanding and confidence in policing procedures and proceedings.

Given these insights, I propose your current practices be reconsidered to incorporate similar opportunities. This approach could provide substantial benefits, including more efficient use of resources and the development of a more versatile and experienced police service

Thank you for considering these recommendations. I am open to discussing this matter further.

as at 06/07/2024 … no reply.

Is it in the interests of the BPS hierarchy to train officers?  Read more here.

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