According to the Royal Gazette, 07/07/2024, four people were found dead in an apartment in South Terrace, Pembroke, Bermuda; two adults and two children were discovered unresponsive shortly after noon.

If the location appears familiar, coincidentally, a month before (07/06/2024) Diante Trimm, A Mother Of Five, was shot inside her home on South Terrace in Pembroke.

07/07/2024, the police held a conference regarding this latest tragedy without commenting upon the causes of death.  However, it was reported that same day:


The press conference transcript (from the Facebook reel) is as follows – does not warranty the accuracy of the transcript:

Good afternoon, members of the media. Thank you for attending this afternoon’s press conference and also thank you for your cooperation at the scene of this afternoon’s incident as well. As you can imagine, we did have to get back here given the circumstances that we don’t always encounter this type of incident.

It’s not a regular occurrence here in Bermuda. We had to get back here and ensure that we were getting all the correct information before we provided it to you. So thanks again for your cooperation and the updates in relation to that matter is now going to be presented by the acting commissioner of police, [unintelligible].

I must stress and sorry, I must stress any questions that you have be kept to this particular matter and no other matters that are on their investigation. If you have any additional queries, please feel free to submit them via email and we will deal with them as they send to us.

Good afternoon, members of the media and Bermuda public.

The Bermuda Police Service regrets to inform the public of a tragic incident that was reported to us earlier today, Sunday, July 7th, 2024. Police and other first responders were dispatched to a report of unresponsive persons inside of an apartment on South Terrace, Pembroke, shortly after 12 p.m. today. Upon arrival, officers found four persons, two adults and two minors unresponsive inside of the premises.

An on-call doctor attended and their deaths were pronounced at the scene shortly thereafter. While there has been widespread speculation, we wish to stress that the preliminary investigations into this matter have not indicated any direct connection between these four deaths and the recent murder of Ms. Diante Trimm, who tragically died after she was shot inside of her apartment, which is located on the same compound. At this time, the BPS is treating the murder of Ms. Diante Trimm separate and distinct from the tragedy that occurred today.

We are actively working to gather more information and a thorough investigation is currently underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these four individuals. We urge the public to remain calm and cooperative as we carry out our investigation. As a mother of two young daughters, my heart is absolutely shattered.

To the family of the deceased, our thoughts are with you during this very difficult time and we stand ready to provide any assistance. Further updates on this matter will be provided as additional information becomes available. In the meantime, we ask for the public’s understanding and support as we work to uncover the truth behind this very tragic incident.

We recognize that this is the second incident to impact the [unintelligible] community in recent times. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of all residents remain a top priority for the Bermuda Police Service and we are committed to ensuring the security of our neighborhoods. Anyone with any information is encouraged to come forward and assist our investigation into this matter.

You may do so by contacting Detective Chief Inspector [unintelligible] of the Serious Crime Department on 717-0921 or via email at You may also call the main police number at 295-0011, the Independent and Confidential Crime Stoppers number at 800-8477, or use the BPS Community Portal at

Thank you.

Any questions?

  • We do understand that the police have their role to play, but couldn’t a statement been put out to the public, even if it’s a holding statement, a little early because my phone has been blowing up and public’s been online wondering information.

As we indicated, we had to get back here and ensure, given the nature of this incident, that we had accurate information to provide to the media. So we apologize that you weren’t able to inform your viewers, but we could not put information out that would be half-baked or incorrect. And Trevor, just in addition to that, we have to recognize that these are people’s loved ones.

  • I understand.

And we do not want to be putting out incorrect information, and we want to make sure that we have the resources in place that would deal with the incident appropriately.

Another question.

  • The amount of police that were deployed, and when the family members came, it became a very volatile scene. Are we short of manpower?

We have the additional units that are coming in to report now. And in addition to that, as you can see from the command team that’s standing behind me today, we have a command structure in place, which is headed by the Acting Assistant Commissioner, Mr. James Howard. If this incident is being investigated as a homicide? Good afternoon, Bermuda, members of the media.

At this time, the investigation is very early on. We do have members of our Serious Crime Unit deployed that are actively progressing the investigation. We are keeping an open mind into the investigation at this time.

  • And is there any idea as to the timeline of this, as to when the individuals involved may have met their end?

So, again, it’s very early in the investigation. We wouldn’t be able to basically state exactly any sort of timeline, but we are progressing that. We are interviewing witnesses at this time, so that should help us understand exactly what has transpired.

  • And as part of your investigation, what sort of information are you looking for right now from the public?

From the public, anyone that would have been in that immediate vicinity over the weekend, we would be interested if you have information of persons you would have seen within that area to contact us. Contact Ms. McBurns, who is the SIO for the investigation. She can be contacted at 717-092.

  • You said two adults and two minors. Are you able to share details of ages at this time?

As I stated earlier, we want to appreciate that this is a very sensitive time for the family. And we appreciate the public’s need to know and have information. But we need to balance that with the family. And so we will not be providing any additional information as to gender, as to age, or who the persons were at this time.

  • The family, I’m sure my heart goes out to my staff of TNN. How are they being counselled?

I understand from the ministry they have brief counsellors on site to help to deal with the family. We also have our CISM team, our critical incident management team on hand to also assist with the officers and persons on hand that would have attended to this very tragic incident.

Any other questions, members of the media?

Again, thank you for your attendance and participation here this afternoon. As more information becomes available, we will seek to provide you with it.

  • There you have it. For those that have been watching, an update on this latest incident at the South Terrace Frizzle Seal Facility. Thanks for joining us.

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