Bermudians applying for visas to enter America must notify US authorities of any criminal convictions — even if those convictions are spent.

Whilst, in brief, the REHABILITATION OF OFFENDERS ACT 1977 explains how a conviction is spent if:

(a)  the conviction sentence is excluded from rehabilitation under this Act;
(b) 7 years has elapsed since they were last convicted or since being released from prison – whichever period last expires.

Rear more about one such example here.


If you commit a crime, arrest, court & conviction/sentence  are not the end of the matter – you could affect your ability to hop over to the USA for a break.  You have been warned!

This may be of assistance to the island’s narcotics department – first-time offenders may be more inclined to try and do a deal with the constabulary to avoid a conviction … a practice that was common in the late 1980’s.

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