Prosecutors have dropped all criminal charges against a police officer, police sergeant (P.S.) Monk, accused of harassing a former chief of Police.

The former chief, Stephen Corbishley, quit his post early in 2021, 3 years into the 5 year term.  Jumped or pushed? During his term he apparently told two of his subordinates to pay him or he will sue them – read more here.  Subsequently, Bermuda Police were to pay $200,000 to P.S. Monk, because they unlawfully obtained a search warrant to the officer’s home – read more here.

The officer’s lawyer apparently referred to the case as an “extraordinary waste of public money”.

It is claimed that it was never in the public interest to bring the case, that time & money were wasted on a “wholly unwarranted” criminal investigation.

It is alleged P.S. Monk was targeted by the BPS and charged with the very minor offence of “causing annoyance, inconvenience and needless anxiety to another officer” because he had the “temerity” to complain about the behaviour of senior police leadership – now where have we heard that before?

Read more here.

Related – BPS fail to comply with the island’s Freedom of Information Act – 05/03/2024 an Applicant requested emails of the former Commissioner of Police and others related to a search warrant. The BPS failed to decide the Applicant’s request for an internal review within the statutory timeframe.  Read more here.

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