Spun Gold Studios are on the islands of Bermuda recording the work of the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and Royal Bermuda Regiment Coastguard (RBRC).

The film has apparently been appointed by the BBC – generally known for their professionalism and independent reporting.

It remains to be seen what is produced given they will apparently mostly document “feel-good” stories as the program is ‘designed to show the BPS and the RBRC coastguard in a good light, while encouraging UK citizens to consider visiting the island’.

It also appears odd the Police would need to ‘encourage’ people to make the crew feel welcome as they are here to ‘show Bermuda in a positive light’.

Then there is that the BPS senior leadership team will review all footage before it can be included in the series, and all proposed episodes will be vetted by the BPS before release for broadcast.

Read more here ‘TV crew on island filming police and coastguard for BBC series‘ & ‘UK TV Series to Feature BPS & Coast Guard

Can we look forward to commentary on:

Also see:

2024 – ‘To Catch a Copper‘ – TV series – ‘Jaw-dropping documentary series which, like the real Line of Duty, unearths shocking cases of corrupt officers in Avon and Somerset Police’.  What a strange world when the police perceive filming them rooting out the bad apples conveys their essential goodness.  The Avon and Somerset Police documentary ‘shocks’ force.

BBC & Impartiality


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