03/1989 Report about a Senior Officer’s Conduct

it became standard practice to check your back before completing duty …. just how many stab wounds were present?

But when it was your boss, the head of the department who was undermining your credibility …
A report (A45) submitted by Detective Constable Matthews, of the narcotics department to the Commissioner of police:

To:- Commissioner of police Division Narcotics
(attn ACC Moniz)
From: DC MA1 Date 6 March 1989
SUBJECT: Detective Chief Inspector Ramsey


I am presently attached to the Narcotics Department of the Bermuda Police Force and during my time I have applied myself fully to my duties. I regard myself as a dedicated professional always willing to make sacrifices for the good of the society we serve.

In view of this I am somewhat perplexed and concerned over recent comments made by my own Divisional Officer, DCI Ramsey during a lecture he gave at a recent CID course at Prospect. Mr Ramsey’s near slanderous comments concerning Police Constable Swift and myself were enough to offend fellow officers, who duly reported the remarks to me.

I was not present at the lecture, so I cannot quote what was said, however, it was obvious to the class that the lesson had been abandoned in order Mr Ramsey might indulge in a little character assassination. Mr Ramsey apparently feels that PC swift and I are unable to deal professionally with the public, that we are “cocksure”, thinking ourselves to be ‘supercops’ just because we get a few arrests; and that we lack respect for other officers.

None of the above ‘traits’ have been brought to my attention by Mr Ramsey, nor any other supervisory officer within the narcotics dept. Whether out of malice or unintended inference, on the part of Mr Ramsey, I must strongly object to what he has done. He has no right to plant any seed of doubt, in the minds of my fellow officers, as to my abilities, nor conduct, without first addressing those charges to me. Mr Ramsey seems to have abused his position with his captive audience and also defeat the purpose of the C.I.D. course i.e. to encourage inter-departmental cooperation.

I respectfully request that you ascertain whether Mr Ramsey has a particular grievance or prejudice that needs to be aired so that I may carry on with my duties with some peace of mind. I do not seek to make a big issue of this because my main concern is the smooth running of the narcotics team, with or without me. I do not want to indulge in ‘office politics’. I have enough to deal with as part of my duties already without having to worry about what my divisional officer is, or is not, doing behind my back. I hope that my record to date speaks for itself.

I submit this report for your information and attention



and what became of this?  it was buried, ignored and DCI Ramsey was able to continue his charade as someone fit to hold the rank of ‘detective chief inspector’ and ‘run’ the department … but there was worse to come …