20/04/2023 – The Commissioner of Police said that of more than 100 applicants, only nine were selected to start a training course this week.  Apparently, because of the low numbers of people making it through, the island’s police chief has received permission to open recruiting to resident non-Bermudians. Read more here.

20 years and it appears little has changed …

In 1999 the force (sorry, the service) was in tatters … the HMR manager said to be a farce.  The constabulary,  attempting to recruit 40 Bermudians, had a huge local recruiting drive.

Of the 120 applicants some forms received were written in pencil and crayon (‘I sh*t you not’, was the accompanying comment).

19 were acceptible (sic).

To quote the information source writing about the new recruits, ‘Half of which were women- the men are retiring being replaced by women- dangerous precedent‘*

*The danger was not expanded upon however, an explanation was been requested from the BPS who have yet to respond.

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