When dealing with the BPS it appears you have more than a one in five chance of encountering a bad apple so, possibly  ‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

The now the acting Commissioner of Police, Darrin Simons (email), is reported to have said:

  • shortly after the 2019 arrival of the new head the professional standards department* (whose has since left) that “some energy” was being put into getting rid of bad apples.
  • at the swearing-in ceremony when he became Deputy Commissioner “It must be acknowledged that certainly in my career, I have never seen this level.” read more here

In October 2020,  it was reported that 87 officers, over 20% of the police personnel, had been or were being investigated since August 2018.

*for more about this farce (click here) but, in brief …

Deputy Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons, is said to have emailed staff a “legal challenge to Superintendent Murray’s performance of the role” had revealed she could not act as the “appropriate authority” for making decisions on conduct matters, under the Police (Conduct) Orders 2016 because she was not a member of the BPS.  He is said to have stated Ms Murray would remain head of the Professional Standards Department but he would go back to being the “appropriate authority”.

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