A UK Court has heard that a mountain bike being ridden in Bermuda by Matthew Cooper, of England, had faulty brakes. East London Coroner’s Court, Mr Irvine, heard the condition of the bike’s front brake “would have reduced the breaking efficiency by about 90%“.

A statement given to Bermudan police read at the inquest conveyed a thought Mr Cooper “was riding very quickly” prior to the incident.  There appears to be no suggestion this was possibly due to ineffective brakes. The statement was more precise according to the Bermuda Royal Gazette; Mr Cooper was travelling ‘at least 25 miles per hour” before the incident.  The witnesses’ experience and ability give such a speed is not conveyed.  25mph is the speed limit on may Bermuda roads.

Mr Irvine said it was “a lapse on the part of the Bermuda police” that no follow-up investigations into the rental company or bike itself were made. He added: “The authorities in Bermuda did not seek information or evidence from Oleander Cycles (the bike rental company). “I see this as an omission.”

Oleander Cycles has been contacted for comment according to the BBC – read more here.  Seemingly the Bermuda police have not been contacted; it appears odd they  apparently did not seek information or evidence from the rental company.  Hopefully, they have inspected Oleander’s remaining fleet to ensure all are roadworthy.

‘Stricter standards for rental vehicles, including pedal bikes, and a road safety test for visitors to the island are under discussion by the Bermuda Road Safety Council’ (source)

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