The Bermuda police service has apparently been contacted by the island’s Information Commissioner about a data breach. The constabulary has been recommended to notify the individuals whose personal information may have been breached and to mitigate the breach, consistent with good privacy practices.

At this stage, Bermuda does not have data protection or general privacy legislation in force. The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) 2016 has been passed but is not yet in force in its entirety. Once in force, a separate Privacy Commissioner will be appointed to address data breaches. The Information Commissioner does not have remit for this.

Anyone being concerned their personal information may have been sent outside of Bermuda, to Third Party is welcome to seek confirmation from
The matter as reported to the island’s Commissioner Steve Corbishley, 31/12/2018.

The incident was first reported here ‘Licence Applications for 100 Firearms

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