Cold Cases

A team looking at unsolved enquiries.  The team includes:

Carlton ‘Socky’ Adams – a retired police officer whose integrity has previously been questioned – click here for more information.  Superintendent Sean Field-Lament commended the unit’s work (full article – click here) “These guys have over 100 years experience in the job and have done an amazing job. “This process of reviewing cases that have not been solved has resulted in a lot of breakthroughs. Solving outstanding cases goes to the heart of engaging with the community and building confidence in the work we do.”

What Mr Field does not comment upon is whether:

  • any of these unsolved cases were originally investigated by Mr Adams
  • Mr Adams integrity has been rebuilt since he sought to complain about the actions of Mr Field some years ago – a complaint that was swept under the carpet in part because Mr Adams was a malicious complainant.

Stephen Horsley The Bermuda press reported that he was working on ‘Operation Trident, which was aimed at tackling gun crime and gang murders in the community. He came to Bermuda to work in 2011’.

In 2013 the BBC reported ‘Operation Trident was set up in response to a string of so-called “black-on-black” shootings and murders in Lambeth and Brent.’ (click here for the full article).  The article  explains ‘Operation Trident was set up in 1998 in response to shootings disproportionately affecting black people in London’. Additonally that ‘A former adviser to the Met said it was rolling back the years and “saying black lives are cheap”.’

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