Following hot on the heels of 42 names, addresses and dates of birth of the island’s firearms owners ‘inadvertently’* being disclosed, the BPS (Bermuda Police Service) is seeking a senior officer with ‘professional standards’ (complaints) experience.

It is likely successful candidate will be from Britain where there are plenty of officers who have been promoted out of trouble or who have a history of complaints against them.

The island’s current team appears ineffective as does the PCA

It is understood there have been two applicants to date:

  • Office Savage of the Metropolitan Police Service – C.V. click here
  • Detective Inspector Wallace of the Dorset Constabulary – C.V. click here

19/01/2019 – UPDATE – is it any wonder a complaints officer is required given the type of police officer Bermuda’s new Commissioner would be comfortable with? click here.

*Given the island’s long standing opposition to handguns, it is possible the disclosure was intentional; to cause the issue to be resurrected, debated.

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