22/02/2021: Khamisi Tokunbo was arrested after a car crash in Bermuda 19/01/2019 and charged with failure to provide a breath test. He denied the offence. The case against him was dismissed in October that year after the police officer who arrested him was found to be biased.  It was claimed Colin Mill, the arresting officer, did not have “an honest subjective belief” that he had reasonable grounds to make the arrest.

Mr Tokunbo has launched a legal action against the Commissioner of Police for unlawful arrest. Read more here.

Sound familiar?

30/10/2020 ‘Magistrate takes court action against friend over car crash’ Khamisi Tokunbo has launched a legal action against a friend Allan Robinson for costs and damages who,. it would appear, was driving his BMW last year when it crashed 19/01/2019.  Read more here.

If Mr Tokunbo’s name sounds familiar, possibly you have read the book ‘Kill Me Once…Kill Me Twice: Murder on the Queen’s Playground‘ by Carol Shuman, an extract from which can be read here.

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