A Bermuda police sergeant who took legal action after he was passed over for promotion three years ago, has failed to have his appeal upheld.  Seemingly he believed that failing to reach the the 60 per cent pass grade in the examination should not prevent his promotion.  It appears odd that an inability to answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly would be considered acceptable..

It is reported one of Mr Bhagwan’s argument was that a police panel failed to remind him he was entitled to an observer from the Bermuda Police Association during the promotion process.  However, this is countered with comment that Mr Bhagwan had been part of the working group that drew up the police policy!  Possibly this should be considered in conjunction with his inability to reach the 60% pass mark?

Allegations of bias against Caribbean officers has not be expanded upon in the press, nor is it disclosed whether others promoted had similarly failed to reach the pass mark.  Possibly the constabulary will now consider publishing the examination results?  Read more here.

More references to ‘David Bhagwan’ in Bermuda*:

David Bhagwan dbhagwan39@gmail.com Subject: Feedback Date: September 11, 2019 at 8:09 AMTo: editor@offshorealert.com
I am David Bhagwan from Bermuda and it was brought to my attention that your site has a judicial review application purportedly
signed by me. This is data and identify theft. I never filed that. I give your company 48 hours to remove that information. Failing that I
will start legal action.
Thank you.
David Bhagwan Tel: 441-717-2042

*BermudaPolice.com provides no assurances that the ‘David Bhagwan’ in the above links is the same ‘David Bhagwan’ of the Bermuda police.  All information provided results for public record searches, information in the public domain

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