Serving police officer, Sergeant Mark Monk brought a private prosecution against Darrin (my officers are overwhelmed)Simons  accusing him of refusing to perform his duty as a public officer and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

However, the DPP put pay to any hopes the issues would be aired in public by stepping in, exercising her right to take over the prosecution and then abandoned the case – read more here.  Seemingly,  she viewed a private criminal prosecution by Sergeant Mark Monk as “unfounded, frivolous and made from an improper motive” – possibly considered ironic by some who have found themselves the victims of the BPS disciplinary process!

The background is long and complex … apparently:

  • 202o two officers made allegations of misconduct against Mr Monk who was suspended on full pay for almost two years.
  • Superintendent Gillian Murray, from the UK, at the time head of the BPS professional standards (complaints) department made an assessment with which Mr Monk was unhappy.
  • Seemingly, Ms Murray did not have the legal authority to act in disciplinary matters – she left the BPS 05/2021
  • Mr Monk engaged a lawyer wishing to have her assessment declared unlawful
  • Mr Monk asked the BPS to pay his legal fees.
  • Stephen Corbishley, (allegations against him listed here) then Commissioner of the BPS refused
  • Mr Simons (then the Deputy Commissioner of Police), escalated Mr Monk’s case to gross misconduct.
  • Mr Corbishley resigned 10/2021 – jumped or pushed?
  • 03/2022, Mr Monk was reinstated to duty
  • Mr Monk is facing criminal charges – it is alleged he used a phone to:
    • cause Mr Corbishley “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety”
    • harass Ms Murray.
  • Mr Monk denies the allegations
  • Mr Monk has also denied attempting to pervert the course of justice by:
    • harassing investigating officers
    • falsely accusing them of perjury.
  • Mr Monk’s wife, Tricia denies using a phone to harass Ms Murray.
  • 02/2022 Mr Monk’s lawyer is seeking a Government House-ordered report about allegations against Mr Corbishley – seemingly the results of the inquiry by Andrew Bermingham could affect Mr Monks’ case
  • 08/03/2023 – DPP steps in, takes over the matter and abandons the prosecution – 230308 DPP letter

Read more about the charges brought by Mr Monk here.

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