Police sergeant Jonathan McAlpine-Talbot, 38, of Smith’s Parish, has been arrested in relation to drug offences.  A firearm and cash were seized. He has appeared in Magistrates’ Court together with Jonathan Mello, 27, and Ryan Resendes, 29, both of St George’s.

A charge against the police officer is linked to a probe into a murder last year.

The men face charges of conspiracy to import prohibited weapons, ammunition and drugs, and to supply the same.  Read more here.

Mr McAlpine-Talbot was also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was accused of improperly sharing information about an investigation into the November 2023 murder of Wilfred Outerbridge Jr (source – Royal Gazette).

Jonathan McAlpine-Talbot was reported to have been promoted to Sergeant 04/08/2022.  He has been suspended from duty, with pay.

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