30 years on and it appears the issuance of search warrants remains in need of attention.

The Bermuda Police are to pay $200,000 to police sergeant, Mr Monk, because they unlawfully obtained a search warrant to the officer’s home.

At the time, there was an ongoing investigation about a leaked document concerning the divorce of the then commissioner, Stephen Corbishley.  The sergeant was suspected of being involved in the leak of a document circulated to the entire police service, hence his property was the subject of attention.

“After a thorough investigation, which included an external review, the BPS has acknowledged that the warrant in question was not properly obtained and was, therefore, unlawful.” reported the Royal Gazette which also conveyed the sergeant’s remark this:

was concerning because hundreds of warrants were obtained by the BPS every year, but most people affected would be unaware of the proper “system and processes”.

The issue was raised many years ago with the Bermuda Police Service and The Royal Gazette.  The BPS appear to have ignored the reported and publicised concerns. The RG acknowledged receipt of evidence supporting abuse, an original of the warrant (image accompanying this post), but never took possession of it.

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