09/11/2017 –  Bermuda Police having launched a road safety Twitter account (reportedly today but first post dates from 10//2017), another death on the roads is reported – following a chase with the police. This marks the 14th road collision fatality of 2017. Further information can be found here.

28/11/2017 – and another … ‘Police said he was being pursued by officers after he failed to stop at a speed checkpoint’ … the island’s 15th road death of 2017 – further information here

But the deaths are just one feature of the island’s problems.  For every fatality there are numerous less serious but potentially life-changing incidents as evidenced by the videos of collisions on the twitter account. We do not use the term ‘accidents’ for these incidents; they are collisions resulting from the careless or reckless conduct of car and / or motorcycle / moped drivers. You may be the best driver / rider on the roads but as evidenced by these clips, you are at the mercy of others – as safe as the worst driver you encounter.

Police have apparently issued over 6,000 traffic summonses thus far during 2017 … on average, about 1 in 10 residents has been the subject of a ‘ticket’.  As you ride your moped today, how many of these will you meet?

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