05/2024: Following a spate of shootings, Crime Stoppers reminds people that they are offering a reward of ’up to’ $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction, or the seizure of a firearm.

It is not known whether, since the appeal/reward was introduced some 3 years ago, any payments have been made but the latest description of ‘up to’ $5,000 appears to be a watered-down variation on the original which did not include this ‘up to’ caveat.  However, the maximum payment appears paltry when considered in relation to the ramifications of a shooting – commented upon here.

The numerous reports of firearms related incidents and the need to remind about the reward also cause us to question whether the policy has had an effect of shootings.

We are aware that members of the Bermuda Police and regiment on occasions possess firearms but these will not be ‘seized’ and therefore we understand they are unlikely to qualify.

We are also aware of Bermudians who possess authorised firearms after this list was, seemingly inadvertently, disclosed to us a few years ago.

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