Bermuda’s lip-service approach to the Freedom of Information Act already restricts requests to residents.  Whilst most countries providing such legislation extend access to the worldwide population, Bermuda restricts access – possibly because they do not wish competent, safely-distanced individuals to ask probing questions, seek contentious information?  Instead, a party making an approach is required to put their head well above the parapet in this small community.

Another blow has now been dealt to the people and the freedoms of the press on the island – Bermuda’s Information ‘Controller’, Gitanjali Gutierrez upheld a decision to refuse to release records of a joint select committee to The Royal Gazette – Records of a Parliamentary inquiry set up to look at the use of pepper spray at a 2016 House of Assembly demonstration will not see the light of day for 30 years. Read more here.

So much for open Government and transparency ….


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