Commissioner of Bermuda Police is seemingly looking to recruit officers prepared to act illegally …

15/01/2019, Steve Corbishley tweets ‘DCI Luther can have a job with @BermudaPolice anytime’.:

It is unknown whether the Commissioner believed he was watching a documentary, but his choice of staff is questionable. DCI Luther (by Idris Elba*) is known to get results but:

  • His emotional demons often put him at odds with colleagues and loved ones.
  • He constantly breaches protocol
  • He uses unorthodox (and sometimes illegal) methods, such as breaking into properties without warrants to find clues
  • He violently threatens suspects or witnesses.
  • He is also given to belligerent fits of anger**

Nevertheless, he is known to hate firearms, and he refuses to kill or directly cause the death of suspects … cause that would be, well … naughty.

Idris, who plays DCI Luther in the BBC thriller, admits he tries not to watch the show as it’s ‘very dark’ (source)

Just how well an influx of maverick cops will sit with Bermuda is not known … but possibly this is why a new Officer for complaints is currently being sought.

*spoiler alert Steve: Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny … DCI Luther … are fictional characters

** Wikipedia

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