Oswin Pereira, now a former officer of the Bermuda Police Service was living a charmed life. Accused of striking a teenage suspect with a baton and turning off his body camera he clung onto his job, until recently.

2019,  found not guilty in Magistrates’ Court of unlawfully wounding Mr Grant

2020, The Public Service Commission decided he should not have been dismissed for the 2017 incident despite “gross misconduct” in turning off his body camera.

2021, branded dishonest following a Judicial Review,  Judge Shade Subair Williams supported his firing.  (Review Submission – Final-Draft-J-Boden-et-al-v-The-Governor-et-al)

Dismissal record here.

It is difficult to say which of the above bodies is the least incompetent; were the Court and PSC too lenient or the Judicial review Judge too harsh?  It appears there is a lack of consistency and that the Bermuda police service eventually found a forum to achieve their goal.

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