Bermuda Police


12/2022 – Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons explained that detectives were overwhelmed with almost 160 open investigations into murders or attempted murders on top of inquiries into other serious crimes (Royal Gazette)

14/08/2023 –  There were 33 unsolved murders spanning the past 20 years.   Gangs, the use of guns and a culture of reprisal gave rise to the problem.  Prior to 2009 gun activity was scarce – what went wrong?  Read more here.

2024 Murders

  1. 20-year-old Zijae Jones. At about 3.15pm Friday 24th May 2024, police responded to a group of men fighting at Horseshoe Beach in Southampton Parish.  An 18 year old has bene charged with the murder. Read more here.

2023 Murders

  1. 13/02/2023 – Kyari Flood, a 23 year old British citizen is shot dead, found murdered in Pembroke – read more here

2020 Murders

  1. 03/2024 conviction – Kamal Worrel, a lawyer, was convicted of murdering the mother of his child, Chavelle Dillon Burgess, was sentenced to serve at least 27 years behind bars.  Ms Burgess’ body has, at the time of conviction, not been located – read more here

Unsolved – multiple homicides the Bermuda police has failed to solve.  Can you help?

Road fatalities

13 to date!  With speed limits rarely exceeding 25mph at this rate the country is set to become one of the deadliest places to drive in the world!

An acknowledgement Bermuda has been turning a blind eye to road safety?  Read more here.

As the death toll on Bermuda’s roads mounts, making them one of the most unsafe places in the world, Minister of National Security Michael Weeks is reported to have stated:

“These incidents serve as stark reminders that we must urgently address safety on our roads.
It is our collective responsibility to ensure the well-being of everyone on our roads, and we must take action to prevent further tragedies.”

Yet the deaths increase!

This is not news, the problem is well known and the words are unlikely to be of much comfort to those who have lost loved ones because Bermuda has seemingly not taken action to prevent these tragedies.


  • The Miranda Conspiracy‘ – ‘what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service.’  An indication of the size of the operation / investigation can be gleaned form  statement made by one of the participants – read more here.  However, the Bermuda police did not peruse many of those associated.

A Bermuda Narcotics Officer’s Diary

An extract from a former Bermuda narcotics officer’s diary commencing 05/11/1988, the day the officer joined the narcotics department following which, just 3 days later he made the biggest drug seizure with a prisoner that year!  Whilst this should have been an encouraging, celebrated, action, the petty jealousy, rivalry and unprofessionalism of the drug unit meant that his cards were marked, his back to be watched, his days numbered!  To cite a sign seen in the Miami-Dade police drug’s department ‘you can trust 2 people … if the other one is dead‘.

The diary can be read here.

The diary will eventually capture:

  • The Miranda enquiry – in 2000 a former senior officer wrote to the Serious Crimes Commission about the 1990 ‘Miranda’ enquiry:
    • “May I respectfully suggest that during the course of your inquiry you would derive considerable benefit from an examination of the circumstances surrounding the collapse of an investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service.”
  • Everette Wellman’s arrest
  • the arrests of Hatherley & Harvey