Once asked why the police patrol in pairs, an answers supplied was; you need someone who can read and another able to write.  Of a night, you may see them in 3’s; it gets dark.

And so we were asked ‘who writes to Commissioner’s messages’ such as his Christmas one (read the last here) – it appears there is a belief Stephen Corbishley simply puts his name and image to the poorly constructed mutterings of another, someone incapable of joined-up thinking.

Does anyone know the answer?

  • Note – Bernews closed for Christmas, hence the delay.

Sent: 28 December 2020
To: cop@bermudapolice.com
Subject: Bermuda News

Dear Sirs,

I write about the following:


Your online news seems to block my posts – so much for a free press in Bermuda. I doubt anything written can be believed. Then there is the content of the commissioner’s publicity-post. I question whether any faith can be placed in on-line information.

Can you tell me who writes Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley’s annual address? What they are paid and the cost of the ‘article’. I would like to apply for the job.

It is Christmas but ‘the likes of which we would all agree hasn’t been seen before’? Really? Many of us may not have experienced such epidemics, but not been seen before??? Covid has caused the passing of what, about 0.01% of the world’s population? The Black Death (bubonic plague) put pay to about 25%, smallpox in S America (late 1400’s) killed 90% of the native population … too old for you? The 1919 Flu pandemic was deadlier, and Stephen appears to have overlooked the flu pandemics of 1950’s and 1960’s. Covid 19 is, in terms of numbers and infections, hardly historic and the like has been seen before – worse.


Covid deaths at 10, in your island population of about 65,000, or one in every 6,500 equates to about 15 in every 100,000 or 150 per million.

The 14-day COVID-19 death rate for the EU/EEA and the UK, based on data collected by ECDC from official national sources from 31 countries, was 103.2 (country range: 2.8–533.4) per million population. The rate has been stable for four weeks.


Hardly surprising some countries are refusing to post (cards) to Bermuda

BPS maybe the first and last blue light organization for many issues, working 24/7/365 but I suspect others are working 24/07/366 this year. Presumably, the commissioner will be raising his glass and driving home on the day the cops are taking off?

As for my winter trip, quarantine in accommodation for four days is hardly encouraging and wearing a Traveller Wristband, electronic ‘tagging’ smacks of criminal-monitoring – though this can be avoided if the visitor quarantines at their accommodation for 14 days. I will stare at my own ceiling.

To what ‘religious spirit’ is he referring? Please explain the context, the construction of the sentence.
Following on a sentence about ‘so many good things’ over the past 12 months with reference to homicides appears badly composed.

For now, I will look elsewhere for my travel plans. Please update me when/if Bermuda is a safe place to visit.


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