The island’s top police officer is apparently telling two of his subordinates to pay him or he will sue them.

The Royal Gazette has published the account (read more here) .

Seemingly, Pc Robert Butterfield is one of the officers sent a letter.

The Commissioner of Police seemingly wants his two employees to pay him compensation for causing “serious harm” to his reputation and “significant personal anxiety and distress” by allegedly making public a confidential court document. Apparently, they are accused of  “certain misrepresentations and falsehoods” and alleged “possession of a confidential document, all of which they made or assisted to make public via social-media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp”.

No mention in the article of disciplinary action but Pc Butterfield is reported to have told the The Royal Gazette:

  • private and confidential information was taken from his mobile phone by police after his home was raided.
  • “There is one set of rules for lower-ranking officers and members of the public, but an entirely different set of rules for this commissioner, who operates with autonomy as if he can do no wrong and the rules do not apply to him.”

22/10/2020 Details of allegations against Corbishley were published by the Royal Gazette

In 2019, this chief of police appeared to enlist gung-ho cops, seemingly looking to recruit officers prepared to act illegally, read more here.

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