2023 Kyari Flood Murder

13/02/2023 – Kyari Flood, 23-years-old, found murdered in Pembroke.

Following reports of gun shots Sunday, police found no evidence of anything untoward.  The following day Mr Flood’s body was discovered. Previously convicted for robbery, he was described as someone set on reforming his life after his release from jail, looking forward to returning to England to his father and sister. Detective Inspector Jason Smith, is apparently the senior investigating officer despite reports  Bermuda’s officers were unable to keep up with demand for the expertise  – it does not appear an overseas specialist has been allocated the enquiry. The matter was also reported in the UK’s Mirror newspaper.

This appears to be the same Kyari Flood who, in 2022, was found not guilty of a 20/04/2020 attempted murder with a firearm about which  The Royal Gazette revealed Mr Flood was wounded in a daytime shooting on Court Street, in which 28-year-old Clarke Fox was killed.

3 years after the wounding of Mr Flood, the Bermuda police remain without a prosecution and renew their appeal for witness – read more here.