06530 The registration number of ‘Delta 6’ (D6) – our old faithful, but somewhat dilapidated white estate car. A bit slow, but being in far from perfect condition, it was ideal for our work; taking you on and off road without anyone caring about the odd scratches it picked up during a tour of duty … well, unless it suited someone to care which, in my case occurred … a diary entry to follow.
253 hospital – KEMH – King Edward Memorial Hospital

10‘ Code – frequently used by the author:
1021 or 21’s – arrests; a ‘1021’ – an arrest made, you have a prisoner
1039 disqualified from driving / disqualified driver
1045 assistance required – non urgent
1055 assistance required – urgent

adj adjourned
ASNT area search no trace
att. attempt or attempted
Casemates the island’s prison
C.A.T. Civil Air Terminal – the airport at St Georges
c/i, C/I or C/ Insp Chief Inspector – at that time, Dennis Ramsey

Corres correspondence
Ct Court, a specific Court within the Court building at Hamilton
D6 the narcotics department’s dilapidated old white estate car – which served us well and suffered great abuse see 06530 above
DC Detective Constable
Dept department
Disq / Disqual disqualified (from driving)
East the police station at St Georges, the East end of the island.
GH Government House
HMC Hamilton Magistrates Court
HPS Hamilton Police Station
i / c in custody
info information
Intel intelligence – reports submitted providing background on people or addresses believed to be associated with crime, usually narcotics.
KEMH King Edward Memorial Hospital – the island’s hospital, also referred to as ‘253’
Kilo Truck a flat back van usually used to convey moped / motorcycles that were seized
MDA Misuse of Drugs Act
NFPA no further police action
N G not guilty
OIC Officer in Charge
OPs Operations – compound situated just below police HQ which contains the radio control room, the maintenance facility for police cars, some traffic departments and a small area for seized vehicles.
pars particulars – name, date of birth, address
Pemb. Pembroke – an area (parish) of the island
P I Prosecutions Inspector
PRC Police Recreation Club
PS Police Sergeant
Q & A Question and Answer – a form of statement; as opposed to longhand writing down of what is said, the questions are recorded together with the answers.
refs refreshments – lunch usually
retn return
SOCO Scenes Of Crime Office – photographic etc department
Soton Southampton
Sub submit or submitted i.e. a drug exhibit submitted for examination or a document submitted for typing
TCD Transport Control Department (Bermuda’s equivalent to the UK’s DVLA – driver and vehicle licensing centre).
VRA violently resisting arrest
vs. versus
West the police station at Somerset, the West end of the island.