• Justice Denied: Bermuda’s Black Militants, the “Third Man” and the Assassination

This book is the first full account of the 1972/1973 assassinations of Bermuda’s governor, Richard Sharple, and police chief, George Duckett. The book includes a foreword by Dr. Carol Shuman, a former journalist with the Bermuda Sun and Mid Ocean News.

During the 1970s, a black power organization in Bermuda, which modeled itself on the American Black Panthers, conspired to bring about social change “by any means necessary,” including assassination. The struggle for equal rights in Bermuda during this period both imitated events in the US and was heavily influenced by them. This is especially true for the role American black militants played in encouraging Bermuda’s youth to challenge the white power structure on the island. Bermuda became the first nation to suffer the violent effects of the importation of 1960s style American Black Power militancy. As a result, Governor Sharple, Police Chief George Duckett and others were murdered.

Author(s) Mel Ayton
Publisher Strategic Media Books
Date of Publication 09/05/2013
Language(s) English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 0985244046
ISBN-13 9780985244040
Genre True Crime