03/1989 March

Wednesday 1st March 1989

0900 On duty at office prepare papers for bail returns
0945 To HPS for bail returns:
1. Ian Whitter C#8900176
2. Edward Desilva C#8800031517
3. Tario Cann C#8904128
All persons appear and dealt with accordingly
1045 Return to office
Update computer re files as per bail returns
Complete diary
Patrol at Friswells Rd., St Monica’s, Court Street, Middle Town, Loyal Hill
Stop & search R***** Smith, search reg#58
1215 Return to office, update diary and search reg.
1230 Refs
1330 Return to office
Patrol in D6, Loyal Hill, the East
Return to office via Elliott Street
1610 Office meeting with DS O’Mera
1625 Complete statement re N***** Spencer and submit for typing
1635 Complete file re Tario Cann and submit to DS O’Mera
Enquiries re T*** Weeks and update Court
1700 Files. Off duty.

Thursday 2nd March 1989

0845 On duty. 23411 (vehicle reg #) to ops for servicing
0900 Return to office. Enquiries re Delroy Reid C# 8902988
0910 To property office re wrist watch – Troy Weeks, unable to locate – unhelpful
0925 Return to office. Enquiries re Corbin Intel. “8 Ball” James. Revamp summary for T Cann & re submit to DS O’Mera
0945 To stores collect wrist watch re Weeks C#8902946
1000 Return to office. Submit wrist watch as exhibit. Enquiries re new intel – Ronald Mello – Belco. Complete file re Norman Spencer
1045 Submit file re Spencer to DS O’Mera. Enquiries re Corbin & others intel.
1140 Our re observation Serpentine Road, St John’s Rd area
1220 Patrol
1225 Stop & search C****** Aitken reg # 60
Arrest of C****** Smith Case # 8910554 – cannabis
1245 Patrol to St Monica’s Rd en route to office
Arrest D***** Fough Case # 8902688 refers
1330 To office and refs @ PRC
1430 Retn to office
Update diary, pursue intel – Corbin
1515 Out in D6 to hPS – collect papers from Insp Cook re Francis. Partol with 386. To St Monica’s Mission and follow T1205
1605 Stopped and searched at Parsons Rd following occupants>
1. Driver W***** Simmons 26.07.25 reg #61
2. R*** W**** Grant 1.12.56 Reg # 62
3. V******* Grant 1.1.52 Reg # 63
4. M***** Stovell 18.6.45 Reg # 64
James to HPS for search by WPC
Grant arrested case # 8800030121 refers
1645 Out to office with Grant to serve papers on him
1700 To Dr Stowe re signing of warrant, return to office Not claimed
1745 Out
1945 To office re contacting informant
Contact W***** Simmons – as stopped earlier – 292 0443 and offer thanks re assistance. Update diary !!!!
2045 Out
2120 In and out re observation Middle Town and Roberts Avenue – test night scope
2145 Return to office and enquiries re incident @ Spinning Wheel, early hours of 2-3-89
Await phone call from informants
2305 Out of office 6 hours not claimed

Friday 3rd March 1989

0430 To office re early searches Not claimed
Gaoler informed re case # for Grant (from 2.3.89). Enquiries re T***** Simons, negative warrant
0500 On duty On duty
Out to searches
0936 Return to office and complete entries re arrest of T**** Bean poss. of cannabis seeds Case ~ 8905609
1000 Out to HPS re bail retn V. Hayward and Greene
1040 Return to office
File re V Hayward submitted. Pre cons re Tario Cann obtained from CRO and file submitted
1055 File re Hayward submitted. Computer updated re Hayward
Confer with 286 re Bean and statement. Bean requests to see barrister and has not done so yet.
1110 Out in dog van with WPC Brady, accompanied by D6 (286 & 386) re infor received re Bernard’s Park. Patrol of Bernard’s Park area and North Shore.
1141 Stop and search at North Shore ‘Ducking Stool’:
1. M****** Musson Reg # 69
2. E******* Dill reg # 70
3. G****** Jones reg # 71
1150 Patrol of Berkley Rd maintain observation
1210 Retn to Bernard’s Park, then general patrol of
1230 Court Street, Angle Street, Berkley Hill, St Monica’s, Roberts Avenue
1240 Stop and search
1. R**** Trimm Reg # 72
2. S***** Palmer Reg # 73
Continue patrol of Court Street stop and search:
1253 1. M***** Stovell Same guys from yesterday!
2. R*** Grant
Patrol of Crane Lane area
1300 Stop and search
1. R***** Smith reg #
2. C****** Maxwell Reg #
1310 Retn to office and refs
1400 Off duty

Saturday 4th March 1989

0900 On duty
Check statement re Allen & Lewis. Update diary
0955 Out to HPS to interview prisoner Girand with 375.
Interview Girard
Conclude interview
Refs @ City
1410 Visit Pedro, return to HPS with Pedro
1425 Record interview with Pedro
1450 Conclude interview
1500 Convey Pedro to Aberfeldy nurseries re ID by staff. Staff off sick or rest day
1520 To Brighton nurseries
1525 Record statement from Miss Ingham @ nursery
1545 Conclude interview
1620 Retn to office
1630 Contact c/insp Ramsey receive authority for Girard to be detained in light of new details. DC Richardson informs Insp. Hull

  • Diary entries of this detail should not be required for such simple issues. However, you learn not to trust anyone to undertake your requests; it is quite probable that they will later claim that they had not been informed! Some officers will deliberately not take the action you have requested and subsequently state that they were not informed, simply to undermine you! This is one way of countering a complaint and if people know you keep comprehensive records they may be less inclined to make allegations.

1635 PS Hamlet informed re prisoner Girard’s detention
1650 PC Hinds, gaoler @ HPS informed re Girard’s detention, requested that PC Hinds informs Girard that he is being detained and permit him a phone call to notify someone of this
1700 Off duty

Sunday 5th March 1989

0900 Office
Enquiries re Maurice Smith & Zina Minks
Enquiries re intel Corbin
1025 To HPS & interview Girard
Start interview
1145 Conclude interview
1220 Return to office
Contact Insp Hull – attends office re Smith & Minks
1230 Inform DS O’Mera re Smith warrant. Insp Hull returns to office and confirms via ‘phone with DS O’Mera early start (5am) for 6-3-89
DS O’Mera confirms team req’d for 5am
1250 DC Matthems contacted re 5am
1255 WDC Vickers contacted re 5am
Attempts to contact Green & Field negative

  • Remember – no mobile phones then

Enquiries re Smith
1325 PS Smith @ HPS informed re Girard bail details
1340 Contact Ian Coyles
Attempts to contact J.P. re warrant
1400 Out to J.P. Mr Barritt re warrants
Warrants signed

1420 Retn to office via Veesy Street. Observe 18908 @ location, ‘U’ turn and then retn to office via Middle Rd. Observe 18908 on Parsons Lane and N. Shore. Vehicle stops here re puncture.
1435 Analysts report served on Smith. Smith conveyed at location to N. Shore garage re tyre and returned to car
1455 To office update diary
1500 Att. to contact DC’s Greene & Field via telephone – negative
1515 To ops with D2 for cleaning
1550 Retn to office
Attempt to contact DC’s Field and Greene – neg
1600 Refs
1700 Off duty

2115 To office attempt to contact DC Greene & DC Field re 5am start
2120 DC Field contacted
Computer enq. Re Smith & Minks, neg. warrants
2135 Further attempt to contact DC Greene. Negative
2215 Out, D2 re obs. Zina Minks and Maurice Smith
2245 Return to office
2250 Attempt to contact DC Greene negative
Out D2 obs (as at 2215)
2340 Leave Smith add. Return to Minks address
0015 return to office and off, DC Greene – neg

  • Once again, keep comprehensive records. This is all about CYA (cover your arse). It is best to do all you can to contact a fellow officer when it comes to warning them about potential overtime (money!), particularly DC Green who was well thought of by some (wpc Vickers?) and could claim that he had deliberately been excluded from the extra duty.
    Beware back-stabbers, they are all about you, in the most unlikely of places. Having completed these diary entries, my concerns were to be well founded tomorrow: March 6th.

Monday 6th March 1989

0500 Rest day
On duty re searches Minks & Smith
0700 Off duty

  • The above tour of duty was brief however, the most interesting aspect of today was not the work being undertaken by the office but rather a report being created by a Detective Constable assigned to the department, DC Matthews. The report submitted was effectively a complaint about the head of the narcotics department. The content is self-explanatory and reproduced at ‘6th March A45‘.
  • The Bermuda police service is a place where is pays to protect your back; it is an excuse of a constabulary being unprofessional, poorly trained and run by egos. To put the attached A45 into perspective, the head of the narcotics department, a detective chief inspector, has apparently criticised two of his most productive officers without ever having raised the issues with us; two-faced and hypocritical or just incompetent and immature?

Tuesday 7th March 1989

rest day
0900 into office and collect exhibits re Gerald Greene
0915 HMC re Greene adjourned
0935 off duty

1200 return exhibits to office

1900 to office check and update files re V. Hayward and T Cann. Files to DS O’Mera’s desk Not claimed
1930 out of office – almost!
2000 telephone calls – out of office
2205 to office re enquiries
2255 out of office

Wednesday 8th March 1989

0400 on duty re searches – Soton, Crane Lane, Spanish pt
0815 return to office
corres re file of M Smith
0855 Patrol D6, 286 386 to Govt Vet)
Visit Court Street, St Monica’s Mission, Loyal Hill, Vessey Street
0945 stop N. Shore K***** Wilson. Search reg #. Collect 386 Govt. doctor
1010 retn to office. Assist 275 with movements of exhibits
1030 retn to office, update action re Corbin & others
1115 to HMC re K Simpson
1130 change of plea to guilty – 6 months prison
1200 to HPS await transport
1230 return to office and to refs
1330 off duty

Thursday 9th March 1989

0900 on duty re trial of Maurice Smith
0930 at HMC
0940 evidence presented re Smith trial
1230 released form Court and exhibits returned to HPS. Contact Insp. Cook re possible witness. Contact Dr Potter to cancel re witness
1300 contact ops. arrange transportation to office
1330 to office the change for late duty
1400 to office complete statement re Clarence Smith for C/CID
Briefing at office re evenings activities
1500 out of office re 372 info and to Cedar Park – Raymond Gardner
1545 to St Monica’s Mission

1600 assist 186 & 286 re arrest of R*** Liburd
to HPS c#8906246refers
1635 return to HPS
1645 out re searches – to office complete statement re Clarence Smith
1705 out to search of suspects / area at Angle St j/w North Street, Pembroke
to Cedar Avenue and Lafan St
to Point Mart
1815 to Admiralty House arrest of J**** Every and G***** Dyer Case # 8906210 refers
to HPS
1900 return to office
statement completed re Maurice Smith
statement completed re Anthony Thomas
update diary
2100 refs
2200 off duty

Friday 10th March 1989

0900 On duty, from dentist, collected by DC 386 Field
Patrol of Court Street and surrounding area
1035 Stop and search of E. Bean reg # 74 refers
1040 Arrest L****** Brown C# 8906335 re obstruction MDA
1120 Out of station and the Middle Town area re search of surrounding area. Stopped by WPC’s on King Street and assist re entry to premises whilst searching fro a lost child
1130 Stop and search:
1. D**** Simons Reg # 75
2. K**** Stevens Reg # 76
1140 Retn to HPS see informant
1155 Return to office
Complete computer entry re Brown
Update diary and search register
1300 Refs
1400 Return to office
To HMC re search warrant – Wilson
1430 Return to office and East re enquiries with DS O’Mera, 386, 375 & 286
1700 Return to office and off duty

Saturday 11th March 1989

Rest day
1000 On duty re Ord Road operation with Task force
File completed re G Brown for typing
1100 Out re Ord Road
1530 To Ops with K**** Derosa and C**** Woodly. Search negative
1615 To office
1630 To refs
1730 Off duty

Sunday 12th March 1989

rest day

Monday 13th March 1989

0835 Into office
Enquiries re Raymond Smith
To HMC re C. Davis trial and Liburd trial
1105 Case re Davis completed, guilty $600 and 12mths disq.
1115 Return to HMC with 375 re Liburd – not guilty obstruction
1205 To office with 375
1225 To HPS with DS Pett
1230 Arrest of G**** Gumbs – lookout – Case # 8906589. To HPS update computer
1300 Refs
1400 Retn to HPS
To HMC warrant for search of Gumbs address re intel – Corbin & others
Mrs Gumbs interviewed
1500 Out to King Street re search area for knife used by Gumbs in earlier threat
To Mrs Gumbs address. Search of premises and secure property belonging to Gumbs
1530 Arrest @ King Street:
1. E*** Spencer for false name and disqualification
2. K**** Anderson for offensive words
Case # 8901458 refers
Return to HPS complete computer entries re Spencer and Henderson, enquiries re identity of both. Case # 8901458 & Case # 8800030631 refers re Spencer warrants
1720 Return to office
1745 Off duty (overtime) Not claimed

Monday 13th March 1989

0835 Into office
Enquiries re Raymond Smith
To HMC re C. Davis trial and Liburd trial
1105 Case re Davis completed, guilty $600 and 12mths disq.
1115 Return to HMC with 375 re Liburd – not guilty obstruction
1205 To office with 375
1225 To HPS with DS Pett
1230 Arrest of G**** Gumbs – lookout – Case # 8906589. To HPS update computer
1300 Refs
1400 Retn to HPS
To HMC warrant for search of Gumbs address re intel – Corbin & others
Mrs Gumbs interviewed
1500 Out to King Street re search area for knife used by Gumbs in earlier threat
To Mrs Gumbs address. Search of premises and secure property belonging to Gumbs
1530 Arrest @ King Street:
1. E*** Spencer for false name and disqualification
2. K**** Anderson for offensive words
Case # 8901458 refers
Return to HPS complete computer entries re Spencer and Henderson, enquiries re identity of both. Case # 8901458 & Case # 8800030631 refers re Spencer warrants
1720 Return to office
1745 Off duty (overtime) Not claimed

Tuesday 14th March 1989

0835 To office
0915 Submit file re Spencer, for HMC, 1430hrs today
Patrol D2 with 286 and D6 375 & 186
To Ord Road, Camp Hill, White Hill
Retn to Ord Road
1115 Stop Dwight Booth Reg# 78 refers
1130 Stop Neville Smith Reg # 79 refers
1143 Return to off.
Complete file re E. Spencer and convey to prosecutions
To HPS have file endorsed by Insp Massey
1210 File to Insp Duffy @ Prosecutions
Return to office obtain warrants re Gumbs and to HPS with search kit and 286
1245 Search of Gumbs add. @ North St.
1315 Retn to HPS via post office, pick up G. Gumbs reg. Letter and hand to him
Book in at HPS return to office
1330 At office await result of Task Force arrest @ St Monica’s re warrants
Complete diary, submit Gumbs warrant, complete search register. Update computer re Spencer C#8906616 Update C#’s 8906210, 8906246 and 8906335
1615 To Mr Moniz’s office collect package and convey to Stevedoring Services, Front Street
1630 Retn to office – see C/Insp Ramsey re poss. move to C.I.D 4 months in the office and the back stabbing made it an unsafe place for me – time to go! Application declined but a well timed approach to the C/Insp – tomorrow saw yet more stupidity and unprofessionalism, again by WDC Vickers
1700 Refs
1800 Off duty (overtime) Not claimed

Wednesday 15th March 1989

0545 On duty re searches with Task Force. To cedar Park D. Eve residence
0710 Retn to office
0730 Off duty

0900 On duty to HMC re D. Fubler
0950 Fubler failed to appear. To HPS return to office. Recalled to HMC, Fubler appears
1015 Fubler R.I.C. and to HPS – further charge of offensive words Remanded In Custody. Not content with appearing at Court, the vocal Mr Fubler insisted in being abusive.
Arrest: B***** Orgill and B***** Fubler @ Ct #2 re contempt of Court. To HPS
1050 Complete notes (pocket book) re Fubler. Bail Eversley.
Pocket book entry:

1100 To HMC re Orgill and Fubler, Fubler refuses to apologise R.I.C. to 16.3.89 10am – Mrs Fubler If you do not say sorry to the Magistrate – remain in custody overnight
1130 Off duty

1400 On duty at office
To HMC re warrants for Hypolite and Burch @ Happy Valley Road
1420 Stop & search R**** Simons Re# refers
1440 To HMC, warrants signed by Mr Judge
1515 To HPS await lift to office
1540 To office update diary
1615 Out West to Whale Bay, with St. Team; DS O’Meara. Retn via Camp Hill & Ord Rd
Pursuit of U502 and arrest C****** Saunders
C# 8906839 refers. To HPS
To office and update computer
1824 Inform DS Shaw re Case # and bail pars. Complete draft of letter re R. Hector
Out patrol D6. Arrest of A**** Johnson and This arrest was to have an interesting twist, see A45 – transfer.

1955 To Ops for search of vehicle 18576. Ticket #Q056382 issued A**** Johnson re 1039
2025 Patrol in D6
2100 Refs
2200 Off duty

Thursday 16th March 1989

0630 To office, complete computer entry C#8906879
0700 Re arrest of A Johnson on 15-3-89. On duty complete summary for typing – Johnson. Complete file re R Spence for typing. Standby re operation at White Hill
0900 To HMC re case of James Douglas
0910 Stop @ Angle Street, L***** Ming, to HPS re search of Ming. Negative, tickets issued traffic offences for HMC 16-5-89
0920 To HMC Douglas fail to appear at HMC warrant issued
0930 Return to HPS
1000 To office
Out to White Hill
Await directions at Fort Scaur
1230 To White Hill
Stop Search
1. R***** Gilbert
2. R**** Butterfield
3. G**** Astwood
Leave area and regroup at Port Royal Golf course.
Arrest G***** Richardson at Petrol Station re possession of cannabis. Conveyed West by Task Force
1330 Return to White Hill Field
Foot chase of K**** Basden and arrest re possession of cannabis w/I to supply drug. C#8906925 refers
1405 Remain at White Hill re search of area. Arrest of G**** Astwood sus. Supplying drug
1435 To HPS with prisoners
To office
Out to St Monica’s re info with St Team & DS O’Mera
1535 Arrest of A******* Eastmond re drug equipment
1555 To HPS
1625 To SOCO – photo injuries
1645 Seal exhibit – Eastmond @ office
1715 Complete text, refs
1800 Off duty.

Friday 17th March 1989

0900 0n duty
Speak with informant re Corbin
Out to HPS re bail retn D***** Reid and H***** Tucker to attend
1005 Reid bailed
1015 Dentist
1205 To HMC – warrant signed re Elliott St. (Corbin). To office update computer re arrests 16-3-89
1230 Refs PRC
1330 office
Update diary. Enquiries re Corbin
1420 Await task force @ office. A45 to Ch / Insp ‘Work Cond’ A45 – request for transfer re work conditions

1450 Out to Elliott St
1510 Search ‘Leon’s (Robinson) Gaming House’ C#8907042 refers
Arrest C**** Staff – warrant C#8906057
1535 To office and to St Monica’s Mission. Arrest
1545 C****** York – poss. Cocaine C#8907035
To HPS create computer entry
1645 Return to office
Complete computer re Elliott St search (C#8907042)
1830 And off duty Not claimed

Saturday 18th March 1989

rest day

Sunday 19th March 1989

Rest Day
1230 To office re corres – update diary. Speak with informants.
1300 Proof read statements re R Spencer, J Henderson and A****** Thomas
1315 Statement for PC 109 re #14 St Augustine’s Hill
1345 File re D Reid complete and ready for submission
Update computer re alias – G**** Astwood
1400 Summary completed for typing re L. Ming
Call from Ruby
1430 Out re obs. Faltts
1600 Complete obs.
1615 Retn office
Enquiries re F Robinson – complete @ HPS – 1036 – PC Clarke informs +ve – committal $110
1710 Speak with Ruby
1745 Statement re Derosa completed and off duty. overtime Not claimed

2045 To office
Summary for typing C Saunders
File complete re E Desliva
Corres re T Cann
Check all files
2230 Out. overtime Not claimed

Monday 20th March 1989

0900 on duty, enquiries re HMC – Astwood. DS Giles informs not req’d.
1110 retn to office, complete file re G Brown
statement re Clarence Smith – drug equipment & submitted for typing
file completed for typing re A. Eastmond
1230 refs @ PRC
1330 retn to office
update computer entry re A. Eastmond
1415 update computer re D. Reid., L Brown and E. Desliva
1450 statement completed re T. Cann & submitted for typing
1500 out to T.C.D. re Eastmond & Ming
1545 return to office
complete draft of A45 re computer name checks
1615 receive call from emergency dept KEMH from Ian Whitter re injuries received
to 253 & interview Whitter – informal
to HPS contact CID
1650 out to St Monica’s to id. Dean Spencer’s address
1705 assist uniform @ Bandroom Lane – Michael Lewis residence
identify D Spencer address
Mouchette seen @ Palmetto Road, perused and lost
1745 return to office and off duty not claimed

Tuesday 21st March 1989

0400 on duty, update diary
out re searches – Curving Ave
0540 arrest Derek Astwood – offensive weapon C# 8907404. To HPS
0615 out to search @ Berkeley Rd. Negative
return to office update computer re Astwood
out to HPS collect warrant re Frederick Robinson
0825 to Robinson’s arrest re possession equipment and warrant C#8907426
0905 to HPS
return to office with exhibits
to HPS re interview with A/Supt Barber
put patrol with 386
1130 to Curving Ave, meet 371 and patrol
1140 arrest William Steede – poss cannabis – Case # 8907440
to HPS & arrange bail for Steede & Robinson with PS Griffiths
1215 Patrol with 386, St. Monica’s, Ct. Street. Middletown
1245 to office
1300 refs and off

1730 to office. overtime not claimed
enquiries re Corbin
1800 Gaoler, PC Jones contacted (4540) confirms Robinson bailed. Complete intel’ Corbin
2130 to office re enquiries Corbin, contact R. Smith
enquires re March Lane
2150 out

Wednesday 22nd March 1989

0645 To office. Enquires re H Corben & V Davies. Complete entry C#8907521 Not claimed
0825 Call Ruby @ Hadley & update intel. re Corbin to City win DS O’Meara and patrol Ocean View Lane & Mission area
0855 Return to office On duty. Enquiries re 20367 & Alex Jennings.
0920 To HPS re bail returns & collect 386. Bail J. Carlson, N. Hodgson and ticket to Clinton Saunders
1045 Return to office. Complete Hodgson File to CRO re put cons Hodgson to Prosecutions with file re Astwood. To HPS min 386 & 286. re 386 bail rtn. Patrol of City, St. Monica’s
1225 Arrest of Maybury Egerton –poss. cannabis. to HPS.
1315 To office & refs.
1415 Rtn to office, comes re Hodgson, check typing. Enquiries re Corbin Intel.
1500 Call Hps, P.S. Griffiths re bails for Maybury. Patrol min.386, Court St. Mission.
1610 Arrest @ Controversy Lane of Damien Philpott to HPS
1715 `Rtn to office, change and refs.
1800 Rtn to office
1835 Out to West-enquiries re possible execution of warrants at addresses- task force join. To Kinley Field. To White Hill. To LightHouse Hill. House search.
2150 To HPS minu 2 x 21’s
2200 To office, update diary
2300 Off Duty

Thursday 23rd March 1989

0835 To office, complete files re Clinton Saunders, Aaron Johnson & Lionel Ming Not Claimed
0915 Out
1445 To office and on duty. Computer update files re Ming and Johnson
1505 Out to Loyal Hill re inf Neg Search. Rtn to office. Complete statements re. L. Christopher for 375 and submit for typing. File re Johnson, Saunders and Hodgson to DS O’Meara
1550 Out re info to Princess St. ASNT. Rtn to office via Middletown.
1600 Out to HMC re warrants signed by Magistrate Mr Judge. Corbin, Butterfield and Jennings
1640 return to office.
Update computer re Walenciak file
briefing re St Monica’s Mission raid

out to St Monica’s Mission
1807 to Robinson’s address, serach and complete notes
1845 out to St Monica’s Rd. negative search
1915 arrest of Onley re possession C#8907724
to HPS
to office, computer entry re Olney and seal exhibits
2100 refs
2200 off duty

Friday 24th March 1989

Bank Holiday
0730 awoken by 277 Gardner re info not claimed
to HPS and enquiries
0835 to interview room with 277 and Onley
0840 commence interview
0932 conclude interview
1000 return to office
required to wait re search info
further enquiries re 277 info
out to search @ S Shore Warwick
1053 enter premises
1126 out of premises. Negative search
return to office
1215 out to HPS re bail Onley
to C.A.T.
1440 arrest of Kathe Bayramshan obstruction MDA
to Narco office
complete computer entry re Bayramshan
1600 refs
1700 off duty

Saturday 25th March 1989

0800 to office. Enquiries re Intel Corbin, check HPS no narco 1021’s not claimed
0900 complete file re Michael Lewis, ready for submission
check all files re status
complete tickets #M851676 & M851668 for service on Tavio Cann
1100 to City with file for PC Archer re Lionel Ming, bail form re Bayramshan to PS Shaw
1145 return to office and change of clothing re C.A.T. duty
1200 to C.A.T.
1235 arrive C.A.T.
1625 return to office
1645 pursuit of V527 from Loyal Hill, Devonshire C#8907910 refers. Lookout entered
1710 return to office update computer re pursuit
1745 refs
1845 off duty

Sunday 26th March 1989

0845 to office endorse warrant re Robinson warrant from 23-3-89
update diary, check case # 8907910 re updates – computer terminals down
0925 check with HPS, gaoler, PC Thomas re 1021’s over night re MDA offences – negative
compete file re Onley for typing
compete file re Maybury for typing
compete file re Philpott for typing
1115 enquiries re Basden exhibits
1125 to C.A.T.
1705 return refs
1800 off duty

Monday 27th March 1989

0805 rest Day not claimed
0805 to office
submit file re M Lewis to DS Rollin along with summaries – Onley & Maybury
call Ruby re Corbin intel
enquiries re Corbin & others. T1590 / “Sleepy”
complete seizure report re Onley
complete A45 re 09296 & submit via DS21
0915 out

1830 to office enquiries re Corbin. Att. to contact informants
1855 out

2015 to office arrangements re poss. operation on 29-3-89 and attend HPS 28-3-89 @ 1215 hrs re warrant to be executed
2115 out not claimed

Tuesday 28th March 1989

1100 to office
enquiries re Loyal Hill and R Smith not claimed
to HPS
1215 await R Smith re warrant – unable to attend
1300 meet B. Marshall @ HPS re action on Loyal Hill 29-3-89
1345 return to office, liase with DS21 re Loyal Hill
1400 out
2005 to office telephone R. Smith re warrant
to HPS execute warrant. Arrest R. Smith. Case # 890 —- refers
2035 off

Wednesday 29th March 1989

0655 to office re name enquiries for occupants of Loyal Hill
complete necessary warrants re Loyal Hill
0800 update diary
enquiries re Corbin
0835 obs @ Spanish Point
0915 to City re warrants signed
retn to office, file re Lewis to DC 369 re expert details
1100 Briefing @ office re Loyal Hill, Devonshire
1120 out to Loyal Hill Obs.
1230 retn to office & refs
1330 retn to office
corres & enquiries & debriefing re Loyal Hill, film to SOCO
1430 update diary
complete file re M. Smith and hand to DS21
check statement re T Cann
1500 out to Loyal Hill re Marvin Woolridge
to Palmetto Rd., re Caines address
1545 Abdul Smith arrested re obstruction @ Palmetto Rd
1605 Smith to HPS with task force, return to office
1620 To HPS to interview of prisoners from Loyal Hill, Ascento, both bailed.
1625 Speak with Smith family re Palmetto Rd incident
1712 to cell # 6 with Mr Prasad. Smith refuses to be spoken to, gaoler’s diary noted.
1730 retn to office update diary not claimed
1740 off duty

Thursday 30th March 1989

0845 to office call R.M.
0920 collect 09692 from Ops
to City
1010 arrest Marvin Woolridge @ HPS re Loyal Hill on29-3-89
1020 retn to office
to c/insp office re Mr Hector letter
to HPS
1055 informal interview of Woolridge
1120 retn to office with 386 having liased with DS21 re warrant @ Woolridge add.
enquiries re D. Smith and cycle V527 with Suzuki / computer / collators
1200 to HMC warrant signed re Woolridge
1245 retn to office & refs
1345 to office
to HPS interview Woolridge
1415 commence interview (Q & A)
1502 conclude interview (Q & A)
out to Wooldridge address and search
1602 return to HPS
patrol with 386
arrest Marvin Stovell, app. wt C# 8908231 refrs & to HPS
1645 return to office update computer
1715 off duty
1810 to office not claimed
enquiries re Corbin and others, call Ruby

Friday 31st March 1989

0425 in to office
0500 on duty re searches
to N. Shore, Pemb. 3 arrests, including Kris Martin, re drug equip. Case # 8908552.
to HPS
0705 to Kings Court re search warrant arrest of Mitchell Allers – obstruction & VRA C# 890—
retn to HPS
computer updates
DC Severin & Richardson arrest John Williams, to JP @ Stowe Hill (Dr Stowe) re search warrant
retn to HPS and to Williams address at 5, Spanish Hill Rd, Smiths
return to office
1115 Dawnette Smith attends office re V527
1128 statement from D Smith
1147 statement concluded.
1152 record of Q & A with D Smith
1307 record concluded
1335 to impound officer with V527
1440 out to Suzuki centre and TCD re V527
1550 Suzuki centre – Michael Plowman seen re V527
1625 E. Broadway Suzuki centre – Ivan Mapp
return to office
to HPS interview Kris Martin
conclude interview & Q& A
retn to office
1830 refs
1930 off duty