Heroin Awareness Month & Free Check-up Service

Following a spate of severe reactions to the drug and a fear death could result, residents are invited to take their heroin to the nearest police station for examination.

With a gram of heroin worth about $40 on the streets of Bermuda it is easy to double your money by making a mix of half heroin and half anything cheap.  Heroin is generally ‘cut’ using any number of adulterants and users can expect to receive as little as 20% of the actual narcotic. In addition to the materials used to cut heroin having dangerous effects on the body the buyer should also consider the possibility that they may have been the victim of a crime.

Richard Edward of the Fast Action Response Team explains…

“People who sell heroin are not doing it out of he kindness of their heart but to make a profit.  To increase their profit five-fold, they will ensure four fifths of what they sell is some cheap substitute.  This substance may be as likely to kill you than the heroin.  Whilst some suppliers will cut the heroin with caffeine, flour, chalk, talcum powder, sucrose, starch or powdered milk, less honest criminals may make a concoction using drain cleaner, detergent, bleach powders, brick dust, glass or even rat poison.

Heroin is known by a variety of names on the street such as ‘smack’, ‘junk’, ‘skag’ or ‘H’. Regardless of the name used, anytime you purchase heroin, there’s no way of knowing what’s actually in it, short of doing a chemical analysis. An uncut batch consists of pure white powder that carries a bitter taste, though it’s highly unlikely that a street dealer will sell pure heroin.

Heroin is typically cut so the colour of the final product can be anything from white to brown.  We have established a Safe Heroin Information Team.  In an effort to eradicate the sale of bad product, anyone who has purchased heroin within the last fortnight is invited to attend their local police station and have their heroin tested for free.”

Those wishing to take advantage of this opportunity need not provide their correct details when submitting the drug but are requested to supply the name and address of the vendor to ensure that, in the event the drug represents a danger, the seller can be advised to seek out another main dealer.

Dick added “the dealers who sell highly diluted heroin are giving other vendors a bad name” and explained “as an added incentive to those who avail themselves of this facility, should it transpire that the actual heroin content is less than 10% the intention is to assist the possessor to obtain a refund of their purchase funds.  We take very seriously the offence of fraud. If a seller supplies something other than the real thing and thereby deceives their customer causing them to part with their hard earned cash, there are both civil and criminal remedies available.  For instance, the offence of fraud may have been committed and then there are the civil remedies associated with sale-of-goods i.e. misrepresentation.”



Bermuda police.com accepts no responsibility for the actions of the officer whom you may encounter at a police station. Whilst there will be no monetary charge for the service, those engaging with the police in the manner described may be the subject of a charge.

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