The “unintended consequences” of cliché need to be understood by the Bermuda Police ‘Service’; treating the public like children and failing to grasp the impact of our modern environment is only likely to reinforce a perception the constabulary remains without modern thinking or understanding.

An explanation of the unintended consequences of circulating video were woefully lacking in a recent press report. It appeared the police were asking the public to stop embarrassing the constabulary into pursuing enquiries and making arrests.

Mr Field’s (-Lament) concerns about CCTV footage becoming an exhibit do not touch upon the existence of such evidence increasing the likelihood of arrests, admission and a guilty plea; freeing up police resources and Court time.

The censorship suggested is Lamentable.  It is noted that the posting was said to be ‘emotional’ – it is assumed that the police have evidence of this motive and that the comment is not just a banality springing from the officer.

In the meantime, in the absence of clear direction from the police that such posting is harmful, or illegal, possibly those on the island inclined to commit crime will be deterred from such action due the possibility of CCTV.  Conversely, those who do not wish to be a victim may wish to consider installing CCTV. Story here – Royal Gazette.

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