A former teacher accused of sexually assaulting a Bermuda student is fighting his extradition back to Bermuda from the United States citing a “negligent, even indifferent delay” on the part of Bermuda authorities.

10 years ago, the accused was teaching at a Bermuda high school when he was alleged to have assaulted a female student. Suspended from his job the same day, he flew to the USA before police questioned him.

Defence lawyers now argue that Bermuda authorities have been slipshod in failing to search for him for four years after the alleged offence, including failing to use the services of Interpol. Specifics of the case had “apparently remained in a file cabinet” with the charging document allowed to collect dust”.

Since 2007, there have been multiple reports of the accused committing sexual abuse whilst teaching elsewhere.  It remains to be seen whether these later victims will voice their concerns about Bermuda’s conduct in apparently permitting the subject to evade action, potentially failing to prevent other incidents.  In turn, whether the USA will conclude that Bermuda’s apparent lackadaisical attitude indicates an absence of confidence … or evidence.

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