More evidence that the county’s relationship with alcohol (and other drugs) is seen as a potential remedy for ‘rock fever’; the stir-crazy sensation of living on a total land area of 50 Km2 (19 sq. miles).  Nine people were arrested Friday night (05/10/2018) due to the Road Sobriety Checkpoints. This despite a public notification that the check-points would be in place.

It beggar’s belief that so many of a small population would ignore the message and refrain from drinking and driving until the weekend was over.  However, it also raises questions about how many would have been caught if the police had not given them the heads-up.

As for the 9 caught, fortunately they failed to injure others with their antics. For now, they have not eliminated themselves from the gene pool, just from holding a licence for 12 months.

Possibly, rather than attack the effect, there is merit in the police avoiding the easy targets and seeking to ascertain whether it is particular venues plying those known to have arrived by car with liquor. But this means asking questions, investigating …

Watch this space for the next sobriety checkpoints … we’ll be asking for the locations and times on the off-chance, having had a drink, you’d like to drive by and see them in operation.

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