Unsolved Murders

10/12/2022 – Specialist investigators ‘overwhelmed’ say BPS as 31 murders remain unsolved (source – Royal Gazette).  Training of Bermuda’s officers was unable to keep up with demand for the expertise and therefore specialist investigators will be recruited to the Bermuda Police Service from overseas.

  • 2022 saw 9 murders
  • 92 murders have been committed in Bermuda since 2006.
  • 171 attempted murders between January 2009 and June 2022
  • 127 attempts open and under investigation (source Bermuda Real)

For information about 2023 murders, click here.

05/2023 –  one year since Keyoshe Robinson’s body was found – police are no closer to capturing his killer (source).

17/03/2020 – a broad daylight shooting saw Clarke Fox murdered and Kyari Flood wounded

2011 ‘ Bermuda’s per capita murder rate has skyrocketed to almost double the global average in 2011.  Bermuda’s murder rate is ten times higher than the UK’s and more than double that of the US.(source – Royal Gazette)

“NOW that the Supreme Court has seen fit to legalise murder in Bermuda, the tragedy that occurred outside the Southampton Post Office earlier this week should not have come as any great surprise” – Royal Gazette
28 April 2003 Shaundae Jones – shot to death outside a West End nightclub
December 2021 Mr Bascome, a national level footballer, was murdered. 01/2024 Raheem Wray Found Not Guilty
July 2001 Tekle Mallory: killed in a brawl outside Paget Ice Queen, with more than 100 onlookers late at night.  (check recent RGs for details.  One guy got 8 years for wielding a knife, the other was released with �no case to answer��like Becky�s ruling).
A 37 year old woman, Katherine Gartlan, an art teacher at Berkeley died in what police called a suicide. �Basically she just boiled to death,� said one officer.  Another admitted that �circumstances were unusual for a suicide.�
1996 Rebecca Middleton – torture and murder of a young Canadian tourist.  A monumental blunder by the prosecution enabled her killer(s) to evade conviction for the heinous crimes.
Oct. 9, 1994 Brian Simmons, 29, discovered with his throat slashed inside the main gates of the Pembroke Dump.  No suspects.
May 19, 1994 Mid Ocean Club caddy Brian Sherlock discovered lying in a pool of blood in a Hamilton parking lot following a �frenzied stabbing attack.�  He died soon after in the hospital. Despite two confessions in October, 1994, no charge was laid until 1999.  One entered a plea to manslaughter and received 10 years.  No charges were brought against two other suspects.
Dec. 21, 1993 Irvin Dunlop, 48, part-time Mid Ocean Club golf caddy, found stabbed to death in an alley.  Policed have no suspects.
April 5, 1992 Chaona Woolridge, disappeared from her St. David�s home leaving behind her shoes, one on rocks near the water�s edge, four years old, Down�s syndrome child.
1990: Mark Leonard Alexander Martin, 17, killed in 1990 while floating off Admiralty House during the first day of Cup Match.  The family hired a forensic scientist who concluded that Mark had met his death as a result of massive trauma consistent a boat propeller.  Allegedly the officer in charge of the case verbally assaulted Mark�s father when he attempted to inquire about the status of the investigation and potential witnesses were apparently dismissed by police.
Nov. 13, 1989 Jacqueline Meredith, 32. died of massive head injuries from three blows to the head as she slept in her Smith�s Parish home.  .  Her husband, Michael Meredith, a folk singer at the Hog Penny bar, Hamilton, was tried for her murder and found not guilty.  He moved to Florida, re-married.  Meredith claimed that the police stopped their investigation when he was arrested.
Jan 25, 1988 Stephen Daniels, 29, found stabbed to death in a Glebe Road, Pembroke apartment.  Gary Cordell Simmons was tried in June 1989 for his murder, believed to have been drug related.  He was acquitted.
May 4, 1985,  Soccer Player Aaron Easton, 19, found dead of head injuries and stab wounds.  The next day a lynch mob at Spanish Point tried to force a confession from a man seen running from the scene.  He was released after police found he was running from a different crime.  �To date, an inquest has not yet been held because of a police oversight.�
May 2, 1975,  Webster (Stringy) Simons, 45, asst. manager of the Palm Cafe on South Shore, stabbed in the throat.  No arrest made.
March 3, 1975  Margery Wade, 34, a Berkeley Institute school teacher was found beaten to death and then raped.  Police interviewed more than 4,000 people.  No charges filed.
Oct. 22, 1967 .  Cynthia DeSilva, 17, was shot in the back from a moving car on Dundonald Street.  Owner of the Coffee Shop on queen Street with whom DeSilva once had a relationship William �John Casablanca� Forbes, 40, was charged.  Supreme Court juries deadlocked in two separate trials.  He reportedly died in the U.S. after plunging down an elevator shaft.
March 24, 1960 Kevin Outerbridge, little boy who disappeared  from his grandparent�s home in Bailey�s Bay.  �As the days stretched into weeks, the searchers gradually disbanded and investigators shrugged their shoulders, baffled.  Daily newspaper articles dried up and the story subsided.  July, 1996, RG magazine.  A wealthy neighbor at the time offered to set up a reward for his safe return, but his mother claimed that police officials of the day refused claiming it would frighten off tourists.
Sept. 19, 1964 : Two year old Wendy Caines died of head injuries at KEMH.  Police had a strong suspect; no one was charged.
May 6, 1959 : Dorothy Pearce, 59, raped and savagely beaten to death in her bedroom just a few houses away on Cobb�s Hill.  Police had a suspect for both, but lack of evidence meant no charges were ever laid.
March 7 1959 Gertrude Robinson, 72,  �Murder Mile Inquiries�  Scotland Yard investigated sex murders of two elderly women beaten to death within two months of each other.  They lived a few houses away from each other.  Robinson was raped and beaten to death near a banana patch outside her Warwick Home.  She died in a hospital of head injuries.  No one was ever charged.


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